Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Child's Flight

Once upon a time
There was a child
Who wanted to fly.

She climbed on the back of a bird
And it took her high.

She gained the sky,
Touched every cloud with her fingertips
And tasted the sweetness of  their vapors
With the tip of her tongue.

Then she looked down,
At the people who walked on the ground
(Those whom she was no longer among).

She gained the sky,
But lost the world...
She was no longer
A child.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Where Did The Love go?

I thought it had been lost, 
Long ago.
As I walked,
I stepped on the ground
Trying to feel a trace of its heartbeat
Under my feet
Almost dead,
Still pulsing...

I looked around
At the vast fields of a two-sided lost war
(For no-one ever wins a war)
Trying to feel its name in the wind...

Where did the love go?

And then silence.

The awesome consternation
That it had been there all the time,
Sleeping in the beauty of a faded dream,
Waiting for the growth of new wings,