Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Angry People

I know  a person who gets angry easily. Out of the blue, she (yes, it's a woman) starts cursing and accusing people of doing things they didn't do. In fact, she's a good person. But she has this (small?) flaw. 

When she's excited or nervous about something, she spreads this feeling all over her, affecting people's peace of mind. In these occasions, it seems that she's connected to a power socket, and has a bare wire: everyone she touches, gets a shock! When she finally leaves the place, we notice that we've become a little more irritated and tired, and for no reason!

Maybe I'm used to being alone for long periods of time, and being around people like her, might make me feel tired and unbalanced. I'm used to listening to birds singing all day, and being surrounded by things such as trees, mountains, dogs and plants. Being around people like her for a long time really drains my energy.

There are many people who behave in the same way: they think that the others are there to make their wishes come true and obey their orders. If one doesn't understand immediately what they want, they come stamping their feet towards us, faces full or rage, angry voices raised, saying how incompetent and useless we are for not having understood them the first time around. 

This person that I know is always losing things. Wherever she goes, she loses something, and while she's looking for it, she suggests that 'someone has taken' the object she's looking for. It's so bad to have people suspecting of us for something we didn't do!  I've been lightly accused by her a couple of times. And when she finally finds her missing object, which had been lost due to her own lack of organisation, she doesn't even apologise to anyone; just keeps acting as if nothing had happened. 

People like this often say that we must accept them as they are - with all their impoliteness, rudeness, and lack of good sense. The fact is that one day, they end up facing someone who treats them the same way. It always happens. But they never remember to be as understanding as they demand us to be. 

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