Wednesday, July 27, 2016

You're Losing Me...

You’re losing me, 
And you can’t see
You don’t notice, 
You don’t feel it
Or maybe you don’t mind…

Our flowers are fading,
There’s no one to care for them
No sun beam,
No water, no spring!

And the rules you’ve created
Of walking in silence
And hiding smiles
Aren’t worth for me anymore…

You’re losing me,
We’re close to the end
You’re losing yourself
And losing, each day,
The dreams that we had!

Why so much despise,
Why these shallow eyes,
Which lie on my face
Like sharp knives?

You’re losing me,
For very little, or almost nothing
Of the time that you give me,
And the muzzled words
That remain unsaid!

You’re erasing my presence
Little by little, from your life
You’re losing me,
I’m too tired to fight
For this love that hurts me
And this cold on my nape
That should be warmth.

You’re losing me,
Our love is dying
And you don’t even mind
You don’t care, you don’t fear…

I wander in your exile,
I’m a ghost in your castle
Which is empty of what once
Used to be so beautiful!
I wander alone, so dead,
I knock on your doors
But you won’t let me in…

You’re losing me,
And I’ll soon be gone
Our life is now dying
You won’t ever be heard
-In case you start crying.

Monday, July 18, 2016


I liked the angels better
When they had wings,
Lovely rosy faces,
And laughed like kids.

The angels have grown up,
And started making films
Where they play cynical roles
In which 
They get involved with humans.

The angels have lost their souls
And they have fallen from Heaven
For the second time.