Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Long ago, together they sat
In that unusual afternoon promenade;
One of them showed his jobs,
The other one, opened his gates.

The first one said: “You’re better than bad,”
The other replied: “You’re not worse than good.”
And then, in silence they stood,
Thinking about how they had met.

Suddenly, the first became the last,
And so the last became the first
Not for competitive disgust,
But for a matter of life test.

In an improbable afternoon,
For the last time ever set
Two great geniuses met
In order to seal their fates. 

Finally, one of them said:
“You’ve done great Jobs!”
And the other one replied:
“You’ve opened  big Gates.”


  1. Boa tarde, sua escrita é maravilhosa, mostra que é possível a compreensão e a tolerância, "Você é melhor do que ruim e Você não é pior do que bom." é fantástico.

  2. This was an interesting take on the development of computers. Well done.

  3. Essa bela relação entre os dois sobrenomes, de uma maçã à janela, supera todas as asperezas do mundo corporativo, que aqui aparece sutil numa recíproca avaliação subprime. Abraço,


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