Monday, November 23, 2015

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


What do you see when you look through your window? 

I see a lot of birds and trees, and a natural landscape that is generous and rich in beauty. I see good neighbors who are always willing to help us out with our domestic problems, and living in a small town where most of the people know each other, I feel happy, safe and at home.

But this is not what a lot of other people see when they look through their windows. They see destruction and pain. They see a landscape full of debris, and the predominant color of their lives is grey. They see the constant menace of soldiers with their guns, and they are afraid to leave home. They see a hopeless world from which they have no escape. 

They see hate.

The next time you look through your window, remember to thank for your landscape. Show more thankfulness for the food you have in your pantry and learn not to complain if things are not as perfect as you would like them to be. 

Send a peaceful thought for those who have no peace. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Many Steps

We have a long way ahead of us,
But our steps are never enough.
We have a lot of new things to learn,
But our hard disks are much too full.

Under our tongues, many things to say,
But we are always cramming the words.

They say that this world is a school,
But break time never seems to come.
There are many things we'd like to do,
But we never seem willing to start.

There are many flowers trying to bloom
Under the rocks of our broken hearts.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Long ago, together they sat
In that unusual afternoon promenade;
One of them showed his jobs,
The other one, opened his gates.

The first one said: “You’re better than bad,”
The other replied: “You’re not worse than good.”
And then, in silence they stood,
Thinking about how they had met.

Suddenly, the first became the last,
And so the last became the first
Not for competitive disgust,
But for a matter of life test.

In an improbable afternoon,
For the last time ever set
Two great geniuses met
In order to seal their fates. 

Finally, one of them said:
“You’ve done great Jobs!”
And the other one replied:
“You’ve opened  big Gates.”

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Shattered Song

Shattered silver song
To which someone listens
Without any sense
Or even sensibility
Always frail and tense,
Seven times surrenders,
Fakes her criticism...

Swept away with fear
Shows a strong attempt
To appear solid,
But in fact, she's vain...
Just a poor saint
Who has lost her halo
For it has been melted
By the heats of  sadness...