Monday, October 5, 2015

You Can't

You can't just turn around.
Everywhere you look, there it is.
Maybe you think you can pretend
Not to see what's on your way.

But one day,
There it is again, and again, and again.
The only possibility,
Is to step on that road very slowly and lightly,
Fell the soil under your feet and then
Give another step,
And another, and another

Until you have covered all that path,
Felt all the rain on your shoulders,
And the pain, and the fear,
And after you have shed all your tears,
You can say to yourself:
"Go a different way."


  1. Sorry my English but I'll try:
    His poem today portrays the simple but wise, what we talked through the Blog.

  2. Oh absolutely...never give up, no matter how tough the going gets.
    There is always another way to go...:)

    Oh how utterly beautiful!

  3. Ana, lindas linhas como sempre, realmente não devemos fugir das situações e encarar os medos do caminho, mesmo que esse caminho possa levar para futuras decepções, desilusões
    Caminhe sempre para onde o que achar certo possa lhe conduzir


  4. A perseverança ainda é uma das grandes virtudes. Lembrei-me do grande Edward Purinton quando disse: "As montanhas suavizam-se a voz do posso e derretem-se a voz do quero".

    Obrigado pela visita e amável comentário deixado no nosso Arte & Emoções.



  5. Poema intrigante. Um em que me encontro facilmente. Obrigado por compartilhar isso.


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